GOTM - Yearly Entries
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Welcome to Western Arms & Ammo's Gun of the month CLUB!

There are three ways to enter.

1) Spend $100 in our local store or online for a free entry.

2) Buy entries $5ea in our local store or online (No returns or exchanges available).

3) Enroll in our GOTM Club! There are two tiers for monthly entries:

a) $20/mo and you are automatically entered every month with 5 chances at winning.

b) $200/yr and you are automatically entered every year with 5 chances at winning each month.

Gun Of The Month will close at noon on the last day of each month and the Winner will be chosen and notified that same day.

Gun value will be at or above $450 each giveaway.  All winners will receive a hat and t-shirt as well.

Outside the state of Utah? No problem.  If you win, we will ship the firearm FREE to your local FFL. 

You will be responsible for your local FFL transfer fee.

Tell your friends! The more entries, the more we will put toward the GOTM. 

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GOTM - Yearly Entries

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